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Alexandria Quillen

At first, I wasn't sure about this under scarf. I like the cross front as it flatters my face structure, so I decided to get a back up one for the old one I had purchased. The back is open on this one, which was a surprise (there were no pictures showing that the back was open). My previous one is enclosed, cap style. When I tried this one on, I was relieved to find that it was just as easy to layer on my volumizer, outer scarf, and accessories as it had been with the cap-like version. Also, the biggest thing I have found is that the fabric is much softer and less itchy than my original, which I love. I realize that it having an open back also allows for my hair to grow longer (as eventually I will not need the volumizer), so I am also excited to see how it wears with more hair length.

So soft

I am new to wearing underscarves and I must say the ones I have these are my ultimate favorite. I even just wear them around the house not just going out or people coming over. So light and soft and doesn’t get worn out ( stretched out). Definitely do not hesitate to buy these. I want ever color possible. My daughter even Jack’s them from me and wears them during her dress up or to pull her hair up in the sun or while baking.

White cross fit underscarf

BUY THESE !!!! They are sooooo comfortable. I can not wait to buy more. I have four colors thus far. Not only stylish , modest but helps with my migraines by getting pressure off.

Nasiba Murodova

The underscarf is really soft and buttery. I love how it stays in one place and doesn’t slide back!


Honestly this is the BEST underscarf I have came across if I could just live in it I would. So comfortable in every which way. I was hoping I didn’t get flat hair with it or super static like when it was taken off nope to both. It stays in play all day even when I’ve fallen asleep snuggling the kids . I am planning on buying more colors . So thankful to have found these just wish it was sooner. Plus if you have dealt with chronic migraines like I do these are an ALLAH sent seriously love them .