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Yasmine (@___enimsay) is a modest fashion + beauty influencer based out of Maryland. Yasmine's alluring style inspires many women out there who are looking for the perfect balance of beauty and elegance. Her style and down to earth personality encompasses a truly modest, jaw dropping look.

Her exclusively curated box was inspired by her favorites that are an absolute necessity this season!

What you’ll find in Yasmine's INSPIRED Box:

  • Onyx Woven Viscose
  • Gold Satin
  • Olive SUEDE

In the fun and creative world of modest fashion, its inspiring women who remind us that the scarves we wear can be timeless expressions of what we stand for. Strength and empowerment through individuality and creativity, while never compromising the core of our faith, modesty. 

Original and expressive, INSPIRED is a collection of necessity, individuality and creativity. Works of exemplars of modest and modern fashion.

I love coming up with different looks and styles, but it can be difficult to switch it up and leave my comfort zone sometimes. Switching up my hijab styles is a super easy way to change my look and experiment with new styles. If you are someone who wears hijab or is planning to wear hijab just remember that wearing it is way more than just putting a scarf on your head,it is a personal decision and a real commitment. Also, dont forget to have fun and be creative!:) XOXO


Yasmine Muhammad



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