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It depends

I really wanted to love this scarf, especially because I'm in the healthcare field, using a stethoscope can be so difficult with hijab. The one thing I wish I had realized before is that the scarf is meant to be wrapped around the left side of your head and around, however I typically style my hijabs on the right side, so this was automatically difficult for me to work with. Another issue I have with it is that theres so much fabric it's hard to wrap without looking and feeling really bulky and heavy. I even tried seeing how influencers on Instagram for this hijab have worn it, but no style really changed how heavy and bulky it looked. It was also kinda difficult for me to locate the ear slits with so much fabric around it, and I was fumbling to get the stethoscope in my ears most of the time. Lastly, it was easily slipping back on my head, I have straight hair so it was hard to keep in place and wasn't really flattering on me. I know a lot of other people love it and it works for them. but those are only people I've seen on Instagram, so who knows, but I think its depends on you as the person and your style of wearing hijab and hair texture because this just didn't suit me, but it looks like it works for others.

Laila Habib
Great service & hijabs

I have almost every color of the Access 2.0 medical hijabs and found them to be so handy, easy to put on & work with. I recently made another purchase however, one of the item(my favorite color hijab) had a major defect, and I wasn’t happy with the purchase. After contacting their customer service, they were not only quick with their response & apology but we’re also super fast in replacing the item. They immediately send me the same color item with no issues within 2days delivery. I COULD NOT BE MORE HAPPY!!! Love their hijabs and more than willing to support and recommend them to anyone looking for some nice quality, comfortable & stethoscope friendly use hijabs.

Sumaiya Shakil
Amazing 2.0

Really stretchy and long, versatile ways to wear it and good quality

Nursing Essential

GONE are the days of awkwardly trying to auscultate with a standard hijab. Ear holes are large yet invisible when not in use. These are pinless and pre-sewn. Easily washed with scrubs, and now permanently part of my daily uniform. Have been telling other Muslim medical professionals about these hijabs, as they are the best on the market.

Katherine D
Super handy

Really useful for nursing clinicals