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Rayyan (@anotherarabgurl1) is a Life, Fashion, and Beauty influencer based out of Florida. Rayyan's original style inspires many women seeking a modest lifestyle. Her style and fun personality encompasses a captivating and truly modest look.

Her exclusively curated box was inspired by her favorites that are a staple for every wardrobe.

What you’ll find in Rayyan's INSPIRED Box:

  • Tawny Premium Cotton
  • Nude Suede
  • Onyx Lace Edge
  • Amalfi Onyx

In the fun and creative world of modest fashion, its inspiring women who remind us that the scarves we wear can be timeless expressions of what we stand for. Strength and empowerment through individuality and creativity, while never compromising the core of our faith, modesty. 

Original and expressive, INSPIRED is a collection of necessity, individuality and creativity. Works of exemplars of modest and modern fashion.


As a Muslim Lebanese American hijabi blogger, I'm empowered by the strength hijab gives me. Hijab to me means love, respect and confidence. As a social media figure, I strive to brighten the view of my beautiful religion in today's society. To my women out there wearing hijab, stay strong. To those contemplating wearing it, believe in yourself.




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