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Love love love the color

Love it!

My favorite hijab! its so easy to wear especially for someone starting to wear the hijab. I love it!

Shannon Green
Almost perfect

I really like these effortless Jersey hijabs, however they are not perfect, if the short end of the hijab was a little longer or if the stitching didn’t go down as far it would be easier to style the hijab. The material is very soft and feels good. Colors are beautiful. I bought 4 colors and love the colors, but maybe some improvements can be made in the design. I am still wearing these several days a week esp when running errands and such.


I love all these hijabs. I first purchased for my twin girls because I saw the pre-sewn girls hijabs. It was a good starting hijab. They hated the traditional one piece and hated the 2 piece hijabs but were to young to wrap a hijab like me. Once I ordered the hijab from this site they fell in love. I did too, with the material, the colors that are available and they looked great. I bought every color. They received so many compliments and I even referred many people. But then I was jealous So when I saw this pre-sewn hijab I purchased it, and a few more. The look and the feeling is amazing. I love that I don’t need to pin it in place. I would definitely continue purchasing these in the future thank you culturehijab 🤍

Ashley G.
Best fit

As always I’m in love with the ease and comfort of this style of hijab. Definitely makes it easy to be a Hijabi!!!!