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Jamila Tukur

I love it. In general, I love all underscarves. But I actually can’t figure out how to use the ear holes, cos it moves ( the under scarf )
On another note, I love the ribbed under scarf so much, I regret buying only one.


A friend of mine was looking for something like this so I recommend this website now. She now purchase all her hijabs from here.

Chiffon scarve

Love the colour and the material is amazing

Duaa Hashm
Attn: Hajibi healthcare workers

I am starting as a new nurse and tried the access 1.0 when it first came out. The holes weren’t good enough for a variety of reasons. I finally bought and tried this access 2.0 underscarf. I actually wear the under scarf with the access 1.0 scarf. This combo is great. The trick to the underscarf is you need to get your entire ear through the underscarf holes. That allows it to stay in place and make your ears easily accessible. The access 1.0 scarf pairs nicely with it because it’s an easy slip on scarf that stays on so I don’t have to wear any pins or metal and worry about those falling out or if I need to remove them when I take my patients to get a CT for example. I did 3 12hr shifts this week to put these scarfs to the test before writing this review. I washed them daily with my scrubs and they hold up well. The only thing I’d recommend is after 2 12s the third day I noticed a little bit of ear irritation like I was developing a possible pressure sore. That’s easily fixed with silicon tape from Amazon that I also use for my glasses and mask soreness. Long story short, this is way better than the alternatives. My hair doesn’t get pulled out every time I need to use my stethoscope and it’s much easier to sleep my stethoscope in my ears and back out with very minimal or no adjustments. Well done culture hijab! 👏👏👏
Now I’d like to request it in royal blue to match my scrubs! 😁

Sawsan Rushdi

I really love it. I buy all colours the fabric is excellent. And after you washed it the colours still the same