The Prayer Mat

Bringing the serenity of prayer to physical form, we have designed a Prayer Mat with a thick lush, yoga mat finish to support you when you need it the most. Perfectly cushioned for joint support, this Prayer Mat features an anti-odor luxe suede surface and ethically sourced natural rubber bottom that is eco-friendly, non-toxic, and latex free.

During all walks in life, the single constant is prayer. Regardless of where we find ourselves, prayer brings us back to the One. This sacred practice gives us a feeling of true serenity and peace.

What started as just an idea years ago, turned into a passion project built on a desire to redefine comfort in prayer. This product is the result of months of development, testing, and reflection.

With love and utmost honor, we introduce DIVINE. Our re-invention of the Prayer Mat curated with comfort and serenity at its core. Made with a soft suede upper and yoga mat rubber bottom, kneeling on a hard floor is no longer. Having worked alongside a talented Muslim calligraphy artist, we brought a contemporary take on traditional designs. Being anti-microbial and visually welcoming, this piece will stand the test of time while blending right in with your modish décor.