We have exciting news to share!  Your favorite Hijab company is getting a new name!

Hijab Loft will operate as CULTURE Hijab Co. starting September 1st, 2017.  Don’t worry, everything else stays the same (or gets better!).

Why the change?
Due to circumstances beyond our control, the name “Hijab Loft” must be changed.

What else is changing?
Nothing!  It’s the same great team with the same great service, fantastic products, and fast shipping!

I had like a million loft points!?
You still do!  They hold the same value but are now called Culture Rewards.

Is shipping still free all the time (how do you do that)?
Yes! (It’s magic)

Where do I go shop?
You can find us at :)

So thats it?
That’s it!  We’ve got a bunch of great new products to launch for Fall/Winter so be sure to check us out often.  We’ll be updating you on Instagram, Facebook, and via email.

Even though this wasn’t something we were planning on, we’re still really excited about the opportunity to re-brand and choose a name that represents us and our customers even better then Hijab Loft.  Culture is something we hold very dear.  We love and respect all cultures and we know you all do, too.  There’s a lot more that went into the name selection and we plan on telling you all about it in the coming weeks, so stay tuned!

Thank you for being awesome and sticking with us.

the family at CULTURE