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Saleha Asad
Worth the wait

I love love love these scarfs. I have ordered a bunch and i got it in 20-30 days but wow it was worth the wait. Amazing quality. Highly recommend

Maaria Durrani

Very soft and comfortable, i love it

Wendy Shahub
Beautiful color

Gorgeous color, my daughter loves this for work. Very flattering.

Zahara Tajdar
Not what I expected

Disappointed with the way it looked prettier on pics but in person it wasn’t okay. Also the part that goes around face got loose so quick and the stitches came off which I couldn’t believe. The jersey it self is a good quality but the stitches were bad quality. I don’t live on the US so not sure if I could have returned it but very sad for what I paid. The access Hijan was better but the Bourne really disappointed me.

Good for stethoscopes, but the cap is better

The problem with the Access 1.0 was that the ear holes were a little too small to fit the stethoscope through, but this solves that problem! It does take some practice to be able to slip it in perfectly, and one of the challenges is that if you don’t have it wrapped well it will show your ears, which I think could be avoided if the material had a bit more stretch or was a little more lightweight. While I do like this as an all in one solution, I think the access cap is the best option for the stethoscope.